Complete the registration process and start trading in 5 minutes

The process of registering IBTC is simple and fast. Users only need to spend 5 minutes to complete the registration process.

Step. 1

Open an account in one minute, free of charge, use your mobile phone number to register an account.

Step. 2

Upload personal information to verify identity after login

Step. 3

You can start trading by top up your account

Portable Cryptocurrency wallet

Download the mobile app and start trading

Use our mobile application to easily start trading cryptocurrencies, easy-to-use interface, real-time customer service teaches you how to use our mobile application.

Features of IBTC trading platform

IBTC is a cryptocurrency trading platform serving the Asian market, providing digital asset and cryptocurrency trading services.

Immediate Execution

High liquidity trading volume, providing a variety of cryptocurrency options, including the 5 most popular currencies

Live Customer Support

IBTC provides real-time customer service answers, intimately solving any questions about cryptocurrencies and transactions


The security of user information and funds is our top priority. The vast majority of funds are stored in offline cold wallets

User-friendly interface design

Compared with complex trading platforms, iBTC's interface design is simple and easy to use, and the transaction process is very simple and straightforward


The minimum transaction amount for each transaction is HKD 50.

Based on the design of Bitcoin, it is impossible for you to reverse the transaction.

In order to cooperate with the Customs anti-money laundering regulations, we have the responsibility to confirm the identity of the trader, we will require a copy of your ID card in your first transaction.

The HKD mark on the platform refers to the Hong Kong dollar stable token. When you need to transfer in and out of fiat currency, this platform will exchange your fiat currency to stable token on the platform.

Want to keep your account funds safe? Please follow some suggestions below:


The key to a strong and difficult to crack password is length. Use a password of at least 10 characters-the longer the better. You can use simple English long sentences or randomly generated passwords.

Two-Factor Authentication

OTP is a short, usually 6-digit number generated by mobile applications such as Google Authenticator or Authy every 60 seconds. You will enter this number as a secondary password to verify that you are the owner of the account.

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