GoodFi coalition adds 22 industry leaders to help attract 100M to DeFi

The decentralized finance coalition has onboarded 22 leaders from 19 teams to help further its mission of bringing 100 million people into DeFi by 2025.

Non-profit decentralized finance alliance, GoodFi, has announced the addition of 22 DeFi industry leaders to its newly formed Board of Advisors including representatives from many of the sector’s top projects.

It’s also launched a website to hook new users up with appropriate DeFi protocols.

Announced May 13, the advisory board features Chainlink account executive, Michael Zacharski, SushiSwap core developer, Omakase, and Aave digital marketing manager, Isa Kivlighan. In total, 19 leading teams building in DeFi from across the globe are represented, including Ava Labs, Acala Network, and Maple Finance.

The Board of Advisors is expected to pool knowledge and experience to reduce the barriers to enter the crypto and DeFi sectors. GoodFi has also launched a website offering in-depth resources to first-time users regarding the value proposition and basics underpinning decentralized finance.

The site will offer a “matchmaker” feature from next month. It’s designed to recommend beginner-friendly DeFi protocols to new users tailored to their individual needs. The tool will also provide real-time data for yield products on “a range of proven platforms.”

Adam Simmons, Radix’s head of strategy, emphasized GoodFi’s mission of onboarding 100 million DeFi users by 2025:

“While opening a new cryptocurrency wallet and interacting with various DeFi DApps is second-nature to crypto natives, these processes will initially be intimidating to the uninitiated majority across the globe. To get 100 [million] DeFi users by 2025, GoodFi needs to guide users at each step so they feel confident bringing assets into the ecosystem.”

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Maple Finance’s CEO and co-founder, Sidney Powell stated that Maple will “help establish partnerships with a goal of building awareness about the power and sovereignty which DeFi puts in the hands of the everyday person.”

Powell predicted that the development of increasingly user-friendly interfaces will help “spur greater adoption” of DeFi, adding that “the longer DeFi has been around, the more comfortable people will be with it.”

“[DeFi] is already starting to appeal to people I know from Wall St and more traditional finance backgrounds so this is just a matter of time. We see DeFi’s adoption as increasing society’s progress by giving new tech and finance businesses access to capital for growth and innovation.”

The GoodFi alliance was launched by DeFi-focused layer-one protocol Radix in February, with Chainlink, Aave, and Messari pledging early support.

DeFi consortiums have sharply proliferated in recent months, with Polkadot announcing an alliance in December, the Ren Alliance expanding to more than 50 members in April, and the Open DeFi Alliance launching a decentralized autonomous organization earlier this month.