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對於所有用戶港元轉入,我們使用香港證監會持牌機構 國投證券有限公司 的信託服務(Custody)保管。對我們來說用戶的資金安全保證是最重要的,其中交易平台的選擇是資金安全保障的基礎。我們盡力為用戶尋求最安全和合規的方式,並提供安全的交易環境。


Gransing Securities Co., Limited 國投證券有限公司 (AER434) 擁有超過三十年經營證券業務之經驗,一貫以絕不取巧、忠誠可靠及顧客至上的服務態度與客戶維持長遠的良好關係。

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香 港 證 監 會 註 冊 交 易 商 (AER434)

HKD Custody

For all users Hong Kong dollar transfers, we are using a Custody service by Gransing Securities Co., Ltd., a licensed company by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. For us, the security of users funds is the most important and the choice of trading platform is the basis for the security of funds. We try our best to find the safest and compliant way for users and provide a safe trading environment.

Custodian Information

Gransing Securities Co., Limited (“Gransing”), a registered securities dealer and investment adviser with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”), Gransing has been in the business of securities dealing for more than 30 years and has established itself as trustworthy, courteous and efficient. Gransing does not partake in any stock trading on its own, thereby ensuring the interest of our clients.

Website :
Registered Securities Dealer with the SFC (AER434)
Public register of licensed persons and registered institutions:

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