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iBTC security features

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1. Personal account security

1.1 Password strength and 2FA requirements

When registering an account on iBTC, users need to set a password that contains numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters, and there is no predictable password pattern on each account. If the password does not meet the regulations, the platform does not allow users to register.

The platform requires users to set up 2FA in order to transfer assets on the account.How to set up a Google verification code

1.2 Suspend the transfer of assets after changing the security settings

Every time the user changes the security settings, changes the login password, and resets the Google/Auth verification code within 24 hours, the platform will prohibit the user from transferring assets.

1.3 Track and notify users of suspicious activities

Whenever a user logs in to an account at a new IP, the platform will ask the user to enter a one-time verification code to confirm the user's identity. Users can also view their login records on the platform's settings page.

2. Platform Security

2.1 User authentication

All users who need to transfer assets must pass the real-name authentication process, which will be reviewed by a third-party compliance consulting company to ensure that there is no violationAnti-money laundering policy.

2.2 Manual review


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