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Notification of withdrawal risk


Dear iBTC user:

The withdrawal operation is a risk behavior of asset transfer. Before you make a withdrawal operation, please read this risk warning notice carefully, fully understand the possible risks of the withdrawal operation, and be aware of the various risk factors existing in this service, and fully Consider your own risk awareness, risk identification ability, and risk tolerance, and make cautious decisions about receiving services.

Once you confirm this service reminder, it is deemed that you have read and understood the entire content of this risk reminder and voluntarily accept the iBTC withdrawal service; it is deemed that you have sufficient knowledge of the risks of withdrawal, and Voluntarily assume the risks and legal responsibilities that may be faced by the operation of the withdrawal.
Now iBTC makes the following risk warning notice and statement:

1. Change of asset ownership: Once the currency is withdrawn to another platform or address, the asset will be controlled by the individual/platform of the withdrawal address;
2. The platform cannot be recovered: Once the withdrawal is completed, the platform will not be able to assist you in recovering the withdrawal asset;
3. Withdrawal of coins to an untrusted platform causes asset loss: being lured by others, withdrawing coins to untrusted platforms such as fund/multi-level marketing plates, etc., makes it impossible to withdraw coins from the platform;
4. Withdraw coins by fraud: being lured by other people's arbitrage, airdrops, etc., withdrawing coins to a gambling website, killing pig dish fraud platform, etc., causing asset loss;
5. The loan is not returned: Due to the loan relationship, the currency is withdrawn to another person's address, and the person will no longer return it, resulting in asset loss;
6. Involving money laundering risks: entrusted or lured by others, assisting others to withdraw money after buying coins, involving participation in money laundering behavior, resulting in assisting others in crimes, leading to individuals being held accountable by justice;
7. Incorrect address: Due to an individual filling in the wrong address, the withdrawal of coins to the wrong address resulted in the assets being unable to be recovered.
8. Risk of participating in ICO: ICO crowdfunding is a high-risk investment behavior, please be cautious, and please do not directly withdraw coins to the ICO crowdfunding address, which will cause you to be unable to collect the digital assets obtained by the crowdfunding.
9. Risks caused by force majeure: including but not limited to wars, financial market crises, natural disasters, major political events, hacker attacks, computer virus outbreaks and other unavoidable and insurmountable force majeure events, as well as other unpredictable or other possible causes Any risk of loss caused by the withdrawal operation. The user shall bear any losses caused by force majeure and accident risks;
10. Any loss caused by the user's fault: The fault includes but is not limited to: incorrect decision-making, improper operation, forgotten or leaking password, password being cracked by others, personal computer system intrusion by a third party, and malicious conduct by others when entrusting others to conduct transactions Or losses caused by improper operation.

Special reminder: This risk warning notice does not guarantee all the risks of the withdrawal operation. Users should fully understand the relevant policies and regulations, carefully read the relevant service agreements of this platform, and be cautious in accordance with their own circumstances before operating the withdrawal via iBTC. Consider your own trading risk tolerance.

You promise and warrant that you have carefully read this risk warning notice, understand all the risks mentioned above, and voluntarily assume the losses caused to you.

Special Note!
IBTC team

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