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Be careful, don’t trade with unknown sources


Cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrency trading can be conducted through P2P. There are many P2P trading platforms on the Internet, and the price may be a little cheaper than the trading platform. However, since P2P transactions do not do any identity verification work, invisibility of identity can lead to many scams, the most common of which is the triangle scam.

Triangular scams are not a patent of cryptocurrency. There have been scammers using other commodities to commit crimes in the form of triangular scams; however, because cryptocurrencies can be completely hidden in the online world and the transaction speed is fast, it makes it easier for crooks to succeed !

Email blackmail, payment fraud, online love

Hong Kong dating scam: sales agents pose as dates to sell services and earn  a commission | South China Morning Post

Email blackmail, payment fraud, online love scam

In addition, more and more cases of email blackmail, payment fraud, and online love have been discovered recently. Common fraudulent emails include express payment, email blackmail, tax payment and so on.

We hereby remind all users, please do not send money or pay cryptocurrency to people or companies you don’t know.

If you are not sure about the identity of the other party, please do not make a remittance and contact the police for help.

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