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How to set Google verification code? (Mobile version)

your position:

Enter the security center

1. Click My at the bottom right -> then enter the Security Center -> update two-factor authentication settings

2. Press Get SMS Verification Code, enter it after receiving

3. Use your mobile phone to download Google Authenticator. IOS users log in to the AppStore and search for "Identity Verification", Android users log in to the app store or use the mobile browser to search for "Google Authenticator" to download.

Download Google Authenticator

App Store:

Google Play:

4. Please open the Google Validator APP, click the "+" in the upper right corner, and select "Enter the verification code manually".

5. Enter the account and key on IBTC

6. A 6-digit verification code will be generated after input

7. Enter the 6-digit verification code into GA Code and press Submit

8. The Google verification code is valid for 30 seconds. If you try frequently, but still prompts you that the Google verification code is wrong, please synchronize the time between your phone and computer to make them consistent

What should I do if my phone is lost and Google verification code is lost?

It is strongly recommended that you save the key or QR code when binding the Google verification code. In case the phone is lost, you can rebind it on the new phone.

If you have forgotten your backup key or QR code, please visit to unbind the Google verification code. After the customer service staff processes it, you can re-bind the new Google verification code.

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