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How to authenticate by real name? (Mobile version)



1. Click on the bottom right of my -> then press the security center -> real name authentication

2. After filling in your information and uploading the required files, click Submit.

  • iBTC currently only accepts applications from Hong Kong ID card holders.
  • Upload the proof of address within 3 months, you must clearly display your name and date (only accept bank statements, water bills and electricity bills). Must be my address, sent from a government agency or bank; (similar to water, electricity, gas bills or bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) A4 full size, paper; if it is an electronic monthly statement, please Upload the entire complete full size screen.
  • The selfie with the original ID card and the handwritten field of “iBTC+date+user name” is shown below.
  • Only applicants who are 18 years old or above or under 65 years old are accepted

3. Just wait patiently for review after submission, and the review can be completed within 2 working days.

Tier 2 Verification

In order to ensure that users can safely use our iBTC platform, iBtc has launched Tier 2 Verification. Users with Tier 2 verification have higher HKD transfer in and out limits and cryptocurrency transfer limits than normal verification.
For details, please check this page 
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Download iBTC mobile app
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