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How to transfer to HKD? (Mobile version)

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Please note that the platform will automatically convert the legal currency you transfer into 1:1 to the corresponding legal currency stable currency for billing purposes on the platform. The HKD mark on the platform refers to the Hong Kong dollar stable currency. When you need to transfer out fiat currency, the platform will exchange your fiat currency stable currency on the platform in 1:1 form.




To prevent money laundering, iBTC requires that all Hong Kong dollar deposits must be purchased at least once before withdrawals are allowed.
EG:如你充值了1萬元就要用 1萬元 買過貨幣才可以提款 1萬元 。
如果你買了$5000的比特幣,然後比特幣升了,賣出後有$5500。 戶口有(5500+5000=10500)那你現在最多可以可提款$5500,因為另外$5000未買過幣,所以不能提那 $5000 .

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