bookmark_borderDeFi 资产管理平台 Zapper 完成 1500 万美元 A 轮融资,Framework Ventures 领投

链闻消息,DeFi 资产管理平台 Zapper 宣布完成 1500 万美元 A 轮融资,由 Framework Ventures 领投,Sound Ventures、Mark Cuban、Nascent、ParaFi Capital、Distributed Global、Spartan Group、DeFiance Capital、Maven Capital、Sino Global Capital、LongHash Ventures、Cooley LLP、Stani Kulechov 等参投。Zapper 表示,计划为开发者推出一个平台上的应用商店,并开发一个 Zapper 的手机端应用,目前拥有 15 万月活用户,最近的总交易量突破了 30 亿美元。

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bookmark_borderMobile crypto ‘mining’ app possibly connected to personal data leak

A 17GB personal data leak reportedly sprung from the Pi Network mobile app.

Pi Network, a cryptocurrency mining app for mobile users, may have been connected to 17GB worth of personal data leaks, a Vietnamese news outlet reported on Monday.

The treasure trove of personal data was apparently taken from the Know Your Customer checks of users of Pi Network, according to the person who posted it to hacker hangout RaidForums on Thursday.

The identity cards of an estimated 10,000 Vietnamese citizens were placed for sale, along with connected home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. The seller placed a price tag of $9,000 on the data, payable in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC).

Phien Vo, a moderator of a Vietnamese Pi Network group chat channel, told VnExpress that Pi Network’s KYC checks are performed by a third party, adding that Vietnamese identity cards like those in question aren’t compatible with the app. However, Vo did indicate that an older version of the app was compatible with the cards at one point.

“To perform KYC verification on Pi Network, Vietnamese would need to use their passports. Only some users who used earlier versions of Pi could perform KYC verification using their driver licenses, but so far the system has yet to accept Vietnamese identity cards,” Vo said.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security’s cybersecurity division has since launched an investigation into the matter.

An independent investigation into Pi Network’s perceived value was recently conducted by Cem Dilmegani, a tech entrepreneur and founder of AIMultiple. Written weeks prior to the recent data leak, the review concluded that Pi Network bore the hallmarks of a multilevel marketing scheme, or an affiliate marketing program.

The Pi app reportedly demands users log in every day and click a button to receive their PI coins. No blockchain consensus algorithm, like proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, is used in the app, and users can gain increased mining rates by referring other people. The PI token is not yet traded on exchanges and has no dollar value.

The app reportedly sells data for advertising revenue from the moment its usage begins. Given that ad space can sell for a higher value with personal user info included, many have been led to speculate that the Pi app is designed only to siphon personally identifying information from its users. Cointelegraph reached out to a Pi Network spokesperson for comment. This article will be updated should they reply.

bookmark_borderDeFi 资产协议 Convergence Finance 已上线主网,支持交易和质押

链闻消息,DeFi 资产协议 Convergence Finance 宣布其 ConvX 和 ConvPool 已上线主网,包括了 Convergence 金融协议中的 AMM 交易所、流动性提供和质押等功能。相比此前在测试网中的功能,主网版本改进了用户体验,并在 ConvX 上集成了 TradingView。另外,ConvPool 将推出质押奖励功能,以激励 CONV/ ETH、CONV/ USDT 和 ETH/ USD 的流动性。Convergence 团队表示,后续还将推出 ConvO 和 ConvDAO 等功能。

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bookmark_border无损彩票项目 PoolTogether 向 ParaFi 、Galaxy Digital 、Dragonfly 等投资者出售代币融资近 600 万美元

链闻消息,以太坊无损彩票项目 PoolTogether 融资提案(PTIP-13)已投票通过,将财政库 7.2%的 POOL 治理代币(占总量的 4.1%)以 595 万 USDC 出售给战略投资者 ParaFi 、Galaxy Digital 、Dragonfly Capital 、Nascent 和 Maven11,共出售 411,479 枚 POOL 代币。这部分代币锁仓一年,然后按每周分配的方式线性解锁一年。

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