bookmark_border诈骗团队利用马斯克在 SNL 的活动诈骗 10 万美元的加密货币

链闻消息,Malware Hunter Team 发推称,诈骗团队使用 20 个左右经过验证的 Twitter 帐户利用马斯克在 SNL (周六夜现场)的活动诈骗 10 万美元的加密货币。骗子要求受害者发送少量的加密货币以验证他们的地址,并虚假承诺他们将收到 10 倍的回报。据 Bleeping Computer 统计,诈骗团队获得了 40,840 美元的 BTC、13,758 美元的 ETH 和 42,457 美元的 DOGE,共计 97,054 美元。

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bookmark_borderBitcoin bull run won’t end ‘any time soon’ as whale buying hints at new $52K floor

Funds are ready on exchanges as existing whale behavior suggests that $52,000 is now the floor for Bitcoin.

As Ether (ETH) passed $4,000 and multiple altcoins saw their own all-time highs on Monday, data shows that there is still more buying appetite to come.

Traders prepare to sink funds into crypto

A trading frenzy is gripping altcoins, while Bitcoin (BTC) continues to consolidate, showing signs that it is ready to tackle $60,000 resistance.

While some alts, notably Dogecoin (DOGE), have cooled since last week, traders are far from exhausted and are ready for more. This is aptly demonstrated, analyst Lex Moskovski said, by the number of stablecoins entering exchanges.

Stablecoin inflows have been on an uptrend for months, and apart from brief “reset” periods where they leave exchanges, the overall direction is clear.

This suggests that traders are ready and waiting to enter positions in various cryptocurrencies at short notice.

Stablecoin reserves across exchanges hit a fresh all-time high of over $11.5 billion in recent days, still above $11 billion after a small reversal at the time of writing.

“Stablecoins on exchanges keep staying in the ATH range,” Moskovski told Twitter followers.

“Barring some black swan event, I don’t see this rally ends any time soon.”

$52,000 “should be BTC floor”

Earlier, Cointelegraph reported on the composition of exchange order books, notably that of Binance, which reveal a lack of bidding interest above $50,000.

At the same time, however, data shows that Bitcoin whales — large-volume investors — have amassed significant positions between $54,000 and $58,000.

Bitcoin whale clusters. Source: Whalemap/ Twitter

Compiled by monitoring resource Whalemap, the figures show that curiously, the largest cluster of whale coins in the range is 120,000 BTC at $58,000.

Cryptocurrency traders are still sending stablecoins to exchanges in a sign that the bull run for many cryptocurrencies won’t end “any time soon.”

“Whale accumulation clusters, NVT, on-chain volume profile and other on-chain metrics are showing $52K should be the floor,” the Whalemap team told Cointelegraph.

“BTC’s bull run is not over yet.”

bookmark_borderDeFi 借贷协议 NAOS Finance 将于今年三季度正式上线

链闻消息,DeFi 借贷协议 NAOS Finance 公开产品路线图,阐述了 NAOS Protocol 的产品架构及各个组件推出的时间。其中流动性协议 Formation、借贷协议 Galaxy 和 NAOS 协议都计划于今年第三季度上线,后续还将继续推进 NAOS 协议与币安智能链(BSC)的对接。

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bookmark_border贝宝金融完成 4000 万美元 A 轮融资,红杉中国等参投

链闻消息,据吴说区块链报道,加密金融服务商贝宝金融(Babel Finance)宣布完成 4000 万美元 A 轮战略融资,万物资本、红杉资本中国基金、Dragonfly Capital、BAI 资本以及老虎环球基金(Tiger Global Management)参投。


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bookmark_borderSecret 生态隐私 DeFi 项目 Sienna Network 完成 1120 万美元融资

链闻消息,据 TechCrunch 报道,Secret 生态隐私 DeFi 项目 Sienna Network 完成 1120 万美元融资,NGC、Inclusion Capital、Axia8 Ventures、LD Capital、YBB Foundation、Lotus Capital、FBG、Skyvision Capital、DaoMaker、Polkastarter 等参投。

链闻注,Sienna Network 是隐私优先的去中心化金融协议,基于 Secret Network 创建。Sienna 不保存任何登录信息、钱包数据、交易数据或其他任何内容。它甚至不跟踪其网站或向任何第三方提供信息。

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