bookmark_border无许可跨链燃烧协议 BlackHole Protocol 获种子轮投资

链闻消息,无许可跨链燃烧协议 BlackHole 已获得由 NGC Ventures、AU21 Capital 、X21 Digital 、Power Law Capital 、ShinChan、Oasis Capital 、Crypto Times、0xAlpha、BigCoin Capital 九家机构种子轮投资。

黑洞协议(BlackHole Protocol)起源于以太坊网络,任何用户或项目治理者都可以通过持有黑洞协议燃烧代币 BLACK 与旧代币的组合创建燃烧池从而永久的销毁旧代币并产生全新的代币。

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bookmark_border麦当劳法国将于 4 月 9 日推出基于其食品的 NFT 艺术作品

链闻消息,麦当劳法国分公司的推特账号暗示将于 4 月 9 日推出基于其食品的 NFT 艺术作品,他们称之为「McDoNFT」,该系列 NFT 包含的食物为巨无霸、薯条和圣代等。此前当地媒体 la Réclame 报道了麦当劳法国将推出由广告公司 DDB 进行代币化的 NFT,将发行到 Opensea 平台中,总共推出 20 个 NFT。

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bookmark_borderKimchi premium collapses: Short-term top signal or a reset for Bitcoin?

South Korea’s Kimchi premium collapsed overnight, but it is likely not a sign of a short-term Bitcoin top.

The so-called Kimchi premium, which measures the premium of the Bitcoin (BTC) price in South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange market, plummeted overnight.

The premium declined from 22% to 15% within a matter of hours on April 7, and it is continuing to drop across major South Korean exchanges.

BTC Korea Premium index. Source CryptoQuant

A big pullback in South Korea’s Bitcoin market

Overnight, as CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju noted, the price of Bitcoin fell particularly hard on South Korean exchanges.

As the price of Bitcoin dropped, the Kimchi premium fell in tandem. But, since BTC price fell significantly harder on South Korean exchanges, the premium plunged quickly within a matter of hours.

Bitcoin falls hard on South Korean exchanges. Source: Ki Young Ju

There are two possible reasons why the premium dropped in the manner that it did.

First, traders from outside of South Korea might have found a way to successfully arbitrage the premium. One potential way this could happen is if traders from other Asian markets coordinate with whales in South Korea to sell BTC and withdraw on the same day.

Second, altcoins that were increasingly gaining momentum throughout the week severely corrected. As the capital from the altcoin market exited, traders might have also sold BTC and ETH, bringing down the large-cap cryptocurrencies.

Ki said:

“It seems someone finally figured out how to arbitrage this Kimchi premium opportunity. The trading volume in 30min time frame on @upbitglobal , the largest Korean exchange, was bigger than @Binance ‘s. This drop seems related to Kimchi pullback. One evidence of arbitrage: @BithumbOfficial , one of the largest exchanges in Korea, $BTC inflow mean has been increasing while all exchanges’ is decreasing. It seems some whales are depositing BTC to Korean exchanges.”

XRP, as an example, was consistently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the South Korean market throughout the past week.

As Cointelegraph reported, XRP broke out against Bitcoin, rising above $1 for the first time in over three years.

But, as altcoins like XRP fell, it is possible that the market sentiment around Bitcoin and Ethereum also worsened in the Asian market, bringing down the premium.

Is this a top signal?

When the Kimchi premium fell substantially in 2017, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by more than 50% within several days.

This time around, the price of Bitcoin dropped by 5% to $56,000 and has started to recover fairly quickly thereafter. 

The probability of the cryptocurrency market recovering in the short term remains high because there were large liquidations in the past 48 hours.

For example, a single XLM trade resulted in a liquidation worth $84 million. Given that well over $1 billion were liquidated in the last 24 hours, the crypto derivatives market is likely to reset.

BTC funding rates. Source:

The funding rate of Bitcoin across major futures exchanges was around 0.15% before the drop. This is 15-fold higher than the default 0.01%, indicating that the derivatives market was extremely overheated.

Though, as the chart above shows, the funding rates remain at relatively high levels, which suggests that the price may see more downside in the short term. 

bookmark_border波卡实验网络 Kusama 已上线平行链拍卖介绍网页,涵盖流程和常见问题

链闻消息,波卡实验网络 Kusama 已正式上线平行链拍卖的网页,详细解释了什么是 Kusama 的平行链拍卖,如何参与以及更多常见问题。Kusama 的平行链拍卖机制将分为 5 个部分:团队先上传他们的平行链代码和相关参数、拍卖期间可以开放竞价、拍卖结束的精确时间由 VRF (可验证随机函数)确定、竞拍成功团队的 KSM 将会被锁定(之后可解锁)、当平行链租赁结束前可以通过另一场拍卖延长租期。

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bookmark_borderFTX 获得迈阿密热火队主体育场 19 年独家冠名权,热火队主体育场将被命名为 FTX 体育场

链闻消息,NBA 热火队官方宣布 将作为迈阿密热火队主体育场接下来 19 年的独家冠名,结束了美国航空为期 20 年的对体育场的独家冠名权。届时,迈阿密热火队主体育场将被命名为 FTX 体育场(FTX Arena)。

据之前报道, 以 1.35 亿美金购买了迈阿密体育场的冠名权。以 FTX 命名的迈阿密热火队主体育场是首个以加密交易所命名的世界级体育场,也是迈阿密美航中心球馆自建立以来的首次更名。

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