Number-two gaming DApp raises $2 million in private utility token sale

Player interest in Alien Worlds has propelled it into the most used Dapps within just weeks of launching.

Gaming decentralized application Alien Worlds announced on March 22 that it had successfully raised $2 million in a sale of its utility token, Trilium, to selected private investors.

Alien Worlds is currently the number two ranked gaming Dapp by number of users according to DappRadar. Investors in the recent token sale included Animoca Brands, developers of The Sandbox and F1 DeltaTime; Longling Capital, who created China’s Meitu app; 3Commas, and Digital Assets Group.

Alien Worlds is a DeFi metaverse in which planets are run as decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAO. Trilium is used as a governance token across these six DAOs, and has been mined by players in-game since December 2020.

Tokens can be used to attempt hostile takeovers of other planet’s treasuries, along with increasing mining yield from in-game land and other non-fungible tokens. Co-founder Saro McKenna commented on the game’s growing user base:

“We welcome thousands of new unique players per week from all over the world, who love competing with each other to select the best NFT mining rig, watch their Trilium reserves grow and take over richer Planets.”

Animoca Brands chairman Yat Siu said that Alien Worlds shared the company’s vision for NFTs and game content tokenization, stating that he looked forward to “investigating options to leverage some of the exciting IP and brands we work with.”

Last December, Alien Worlds sold out NFT card-packs worth $250,000 in just two days.

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