bookmark_border去中心化金融协议栈 XDEFI 已完成在 PentaLaunch 平台上 22.5 万枚代币的联合曲线拍卖

链闻消息,去中心化金融协议栈 XDEFI (xDEX) 在去中心化联合曲线拍卖平台 PentaLaunch 上拍卖 225000 枚 XDEX (价值 83998 美元),拍卖于 3 月 19 日 20:00 开始,两分钟后全部代币已被卖出,本次拍卖采用了 Power Curve,起始价格为 0.36 USDC,终止价格为 0.48 USDC。拍卖成功的地址可以在 2021 年 3 月 24 日 20:00 在 前端使用 bXDEX 领取兑换 XDEX。

XDEFI 致力于多方实践方案,包括但不限于 xDEX 作为优化的自动化做市交易所、xHalfLife 作为流支付协议用于延迟解锁、xOption 作为欧式带封顶期权用于低频对冲现货风险等。

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bookmark_border链上数据:未标记地址 2 小时内在 ZKSwap 添加 2.5 亿美元流动性

链闻消息,据 数据显示,0x84d34f4f83a 开头地址在两小时内向 ZKSwap 流动性池添加超 2.5 亿美元,添加代币对包括 USDC/USDT、ETH/USDT、ETH/WBTC、WBTC/HBTC。截至目前,ZKSwap 流动性和总资产再创新高,流动性现已达到 13.03 亿美元,L2 总资产则达到了 14.56 亿美元。据 Debank 数据,目前 ZKSwap 锁仓量以及流动性均已接近 Uniswap 的 30%。

0x84d34f4f83a 开头地址目前持有 1.46 亿美元的 ERC 20 代币,该钱包地址持有量第一的代币为 SRM (现价值约 9700 万美元)。

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bookmark_border流动性提供平台 Wootrade 推出 WOO X Beta 测试计划及质押激励项目

链闻消息,流动性提供平台 Wootrade 推出面向专业交易者的 WOO X,目前发布了 Beta 测试计划,早期测试用户可以参与特殊的质押激励项目,并在正式版本上获得相应特权。目前测试申请已经结束,共收到了超过 3000 份申请。WOO X 的用户可以享受零手续费、自定义操作界面,以及更高效的交易执行,并直接获取 Wootrade 流动性。产品将在 3 月底开放给第一批测试者,并将以周为单位逐渐增加。

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bookmark_borderBounce Finance 完成由 Coinbase 领投的新一轮融资,计划建立 NFT 市场

链闻消息,去中心化拍卖工具 Bounce Finance 宣布已获得新一轮由 Coinbase 领投的融资,Pantera、Hashed、Fundamental Labs、DHVC、Blockchain Capital、SNZ Capital 参投,具体金额还未披露,筹集到的资金将用于建立一个 NFT 市场和电子商务平台,创始人将其称为「Shopify for NFTs」。

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bookmark_borderPolkadot becomes latest to use Simplex’s fiat onramp

The integration with Simplex will provide DOT users another route from fiat into crypto.

Fiat-to-crypto onramp provider Simplex will now support Polkadot in its network of crypto exchanges, wallets, and brokers.

In an announcement today, Simplex said its integration of Polkadot (DOT) would allow crypto users to purchase the token with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or bank transfer. The financial institution is aiming for “mass cryptocurrency acquisition and adoption,” saying that the addition of DOT to its list of supported digital assets would bring it closer to this goal.

Simplex provides services to other crypto exchanges including Binance and OKCoin. The firm has partnered with more than 350 crypto firms since its launch and enables the purchase of more than 50 cryptocurrencies through its network. Most recently, the payment processor has been integrated into the Opera web browser.

Projects that have joined the Polkadot ecosystem have also seen a boost in their token prices over the past few months. Ren (REN), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) and the Celer Network (CELR) have led the way in facilitating cross-chain interoperability between networks, resulting in increases to the number of active token holders and each project’s trading volume — for example, the price of CELR rose more than 240% between January and March. 

At the time of publication, the price of DOT is $35.85, having risen more than 300% since Jan. 1. 

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