Elissa Shevinsky joins Cointelegraph as chief technology officer

The former head of product at Brave looks to drive the crypto media platform’s evolution.

Cointelegraph, the world’s foremost blockchain-focused media platform, is pleased to announce that tech veteran Elissa Beth Shevinsky has joined the company as chief technology officer.

Shevinsky began her Bitcoin (BTC) journey in 2013, selling shirts for BTC as part of a fundraising campaign for her encrypted messaging startup, Glimpse, but her career in software began earlier — as employee number 33 at Everyday Health, which went public in 2014.

More recently, she served as head of product at Brave and CEO of Soho Token Labs, where she led a security audit of the 0x project, a decentralized exchange, among other projects.

“I’m incredibly excited to join Cointelegraph, one of the oldest and most prominent brands in crypto media,” said Shevinsky. “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to experiment and innovate on the product side, and to build things for people who genuinely care about cryptocurrency and crypto culture.”

“The team here is smart and fun, and they’ve given me such a warm welcome. I’ve known Jay Cassano since 2014, and I feel fortunate to work with someone with his vision for how to build, and run, a healthy and profitable media company. I hope to live up to the potential and possibilities that come with this role.”

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Elissa for several years and could not be happier that she is joining the Cointelegraph family,” said Cointelegraph CEO Jay Cassano. “She brings a wealth of experience in encryption, blockchain and consumer-facing products.”

Shevinsky has been funded by the Mach37 Cybersecurity Accelerator and Techstars London during the course of her tech career. She has also served as a mentor for the Thiel Foundation’s fellowship program, where she read Vitalik Buterin’s early proposal for Ethereum, and she is an advisor to The Graph.

In reviewing her 2015 book on gender equality in the tech industry, Lean Out, the Los Angeles Times said, “Everyone who hires or manages anyone in tech ought to read the remarkable book Lean Out. If tech companies are unwelcoming places, to hell with them.”

You can find Shevinsky on Twitter: @ElissaBeth.

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